Radway Products

Radway Control Systems supply a range of specialised products suitable for use in industrial applications.

Gem80 OPC Server

This is a software driver which has been designed to provide connectivity between any Gem80 PLC (fitted with a GemLAN-T ethernet processor) and Microsoft Windows based packages which support OPC.

High Speed Data Logger

We are able to supply a high speed data logger software package for monitoring and logging large quantities of process data via ethernet.

Gem80 Programming Lead

The Gem80 programming lead comprises a converter unit and a separate connector to allow a standard RS232 PC port to connect to a Gem80 PLC programming port, when used with a suitable Gem80 programming package (not supplied with this product).

PLC Batteries

We can supply batteries for most types of PLC including Gem80 batteries and Alspa batteries.

Control Panel Dollies

Heavy duty hydraulic dollies for the safe and easy transportation of control panels.